Our work is a complete and total fabrication (no lie)! What that means is that we take a literal hands-on approach to working with metals. No molds that produce thousands of identical pieces. Each item is hand made from start to finish.

Using a variety of hand tools (mainly pliers, hammers, files and saws) the metal is bent, formed, coaxed and cajoled into beautiful pieces of jewelry. The metal may be joined together with solder by heating with an acetylene torch (low temperature brazing). Firescale and imperfections are then grinded off through stages of polishing. The highly reflective finish is brought about by another stage of polishing or tumbling with steel shot. Often times semi precious cabochons are added to accent a piece.

What's a cabochon? It is a stone that is flat on the bottom and rounded or domed on top. Hand made bezels or bezel cups hold them in place. No glue is used. The tensile strength of the sterling silver which completely surrounds the cabochon does the trick. Not only are bezels beautiful, but you can be confident your stone won't budge in this setting.

Fabrication is a centuries old technique that is simple by nature yet takes much practice to master.

Jackson is 5 years old and flat-out balling this summer. Here he shows the balance between the seriousness of Tee-ball and the fun of being 5.